Decreto Legislativo 24 Febbraio 1997, n°46 Articolo 21

May not be advertised to the public of the devices, according to rules adopted by the Ministero della Sanità, they can be sold only on prescription or be used possibly with the assistance of a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Advertising to the general public for devices other than those referred to in paragraph 1 shall be subject to authorization of the Ministero della Sanità. On permit applications it expresses opinion on the Committee provided for in Article 6, paragraph 3, of Decreto Legislativo 30 Dicembre 1992 n. 541, which for this purpose is integrated by a representative of the Dipartimento del Ministero della Sanità responsible for medical devices and from one of the Ministero dell’Industria, del commercio e dell’artigianato.

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Decreto Legislativo 24 Febbraio 1997, n. 46 Articolo 21

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